Boys Panel - Jen Fish - Available for Breakout 2 Only

What is it about the male species that makes girls shake their heads and walk away saying, “Oh boy!?” Boys are definitely very different from girls, but different doesn’t mean wrong. Learn more about a guy’s perspective, as a panel of young men answers your questions honestly, sharing their thoughts about topics such as true beauty, the lens they see life through, and how you can help them become godly men.

Be*YOU*tiful - Katie Williams - Available for Breakout 1 & 2

In the age of social media, society is very focused on everyone’s outward appearances. However, that’s not what God looks at. This breakout focuses on deepening your inner relationship with God and realizing his desire to have a deep relationship with us. He sees everything we are with eyes of perfect, unconditional love.

Answering the Hard Questions - John Wilkinson - Available for Breakout 1 & 2

Do you have a question about religion you’ve always wanted the answer to? Or are you not a Christian and just want to see what it’s all about? Then this breakout is for you! Any questions you ask can be brought up as anonymously as you feel comfortable with.

Dealing with Conflict - Kara Werner - Available for Breakout 1 & 2

The teenage years are rough for many reasons, but a main one is developing friendships. Something that comes with new friendships or decade long ones is conflict. In this breakout, we’ll discuss causes of conflict, the differences between healthy and unhealthy conflict, and how to solve these problems. Finally, we will talk about ways in which we can avoid conflict for the future and foster healthier relationships.