Serious Breakouts

Boys Panel - Jen Fish

What is it about the male species that makes girls shake their heads and walk away saying, “Oh boy!?” Boys are definitely very different from girls, but different doesn’t mean wrong. Learn more about a guy’s perspective, as a panel of young men answers your questions honestly, sharing their thoughts about topics such as true beauty, the lens they see life through, and how you can help them become godly men.

Couples panel- Heidi Wilson

Marriage is hard, right? They say 50% of marriages end in divorce. What makes a godly, successful marriage? Join us and meet 4 couples that have been married from 2 years to almost 50 years. Let’s find out the secret to a marriage that will last as these couples answer our questions with truth and transparency.

Immeasurably More - Brie Carr and Larissa Clark

Ladies, there are plenty of things that make you happy, but what gives you true joy? We get real life. We get the voices that are telling you that you’re not good enough; the voices that tell you, you need more. But the only more you need is more of Jesus; let’s talk about that. Paul talks about this topic in Philippians and we want to spend time diving into what that means for us as we walk this journey of life. There is immeasurably more for us when we make Jesus is our all and allow Him to become the source of our true joy.

Fun Breakout

Swing Dancing

Have you ever wanted to learn how to swing dance? In this breakout, we’ll teach you! We will be having a fun, relaxing time trying to learn the art of swing dancing. This breakout is going to be a no pressure environment to loosen up and learn a cool new skill!

Restore Dignity - Ellen Engle

Without access to feminine hygiene supplies, women in developing countries can’t leave their homes, and some even find themselves shunned during this sensitive time. Young girls can miss 20 percent of the school year. LuoPads can restore their dignity be helping them reclaim control of their lives and take charge of their health. Come learn about this important issue and help restore dignity to women around the world by tracing and cutting fabric to make LuoPads.

Board Games

Come relax and enjoy a time of games and fun! Bring a friend and entertain yourself with classic games, or learn a new one. Be refreshed and enjoy the best medicine … laughter.

The Art of Worship - Katie Will

Have you ever written a letter to God, painted a picture inspired by God’s character, or sang with all your heart out of overflowing love? All of these are ways we can worship God! Since everyone has unique talents and gifts, this session lets each girl respond to God in the way they do best! There will be paint, pencils, paper, and sections of paper to paint on the walls. We pray that you will be refreshed as you experience a powerful moment with God through the art of worship.

Spa Time With Our Savior

Enjoy some pampering while you gain tools to pamper yourself after the conference is over. Have fun getting your nails painted and pampering your hands then learn how spending time with our Savior is the greatest way you can pamper yourself. Come with hearts open and leave with some gifts to pamper yourself both physically and spiritually.

Candy Kitchen

It takes all of us working together to have a pizza party – Learn the basics of melting, molding and creating using chocolate wafers and candy wafers. You can make and eat candy pizzas with your friends! Caution: ingredients may contain peanuts. Please be careful if you have any food allergies!

More Breakouts Coming Soon!