Boys Panel - Jen Fish - Sanctuary - All Day

What is it about the male species that makes girls shake their heads and walk away saying, “Oh boy!?” Boys are definitely very different from girls, but different doesn’t mean wrong. Learn more about a guy’s perspective, as a panel of young men answers your questions honestly, sharing their thoughts about topics such as true beauty, the lens they see life through, and how you can help them become godly men.

Couples Panel- Heidi Wilson - Room 403/404 - All Day

Marriage is hard, right? They say 50% of marriages end in divorce. What makes a godly, successful marriage? Join us and meet 4 couples that have been married from 2 years to almost 50 years. Let’s find out the secret to a marriage that will last as these couples answer our questions with truth and transparency.

Board games - Lauren Ober - Auditorium - All Day - Fun Breakout

Are you competitive or just enjoy playing all sorts of board games? Come and join a friendly and relaxing breakout that allows you to meet other girls and play some of your favorite games!

Learning To Forgive - Nick Mance - Room 304 - All Day

Forgiveness is something we are called to do as followers of Jesus but is very difficult depending on the circumstances. It isn’t about condoning or approving what was done, but giving grace as God does. This breakout will look at the forgiveness we are given, how we should respond to God’s forgiveness, and how we give that forgiveness to others. 

Art of Worship - Hannah Moynihan & Lindsey Brown - Room 604 - All Day - Fun Breakout

Have you ever written a letter to God, painted a picture inspired by God’s character, or sang with all your heart out of overflowing love? All of these are ways we can worship God! Since everyone has unique talents and gifts, this session lets each girl respond to God in the way they do best! There will be paint, pencils, paper, and sections of paper to paint on the walls. We pray that you will be refreshed as you experience a powerful moment with God through the art of worship.

Restoring Dignity - Ellen Engle - Room 10 - All Day - Fun Breakout

Without access to feminine hygiene supplies, women in developing countries can’t leave their homes, and some even find themselves shunned during this sensitive time. Young girls can miss 20 percent of the school year. LuoPads can restore their dignity be helping them reclaim control of their lives and take charge of their health. Come learn about this important issue and help restore dignity to women around the world by tracing and cutting fabric to make LuoPads.

Immeasurably More - Brie Carr & Larissa Clark - Room 20 - All Day

Ladies, there are plenty of things that make you happy, but what gives you true joy? We get real life. We get the voices that are telling you that you’re not good enough; the voices that tell you, you need more. But the only more you need is more of Jesus; let’s talk about that. Paul talks about this topic in Philippians and we want to spend time diving into what that means for us as we walk this journey of life. There is immeasurably more for us when we make Jesus is our all and allow Him to become the source of our true joy.

Be*YOU*tiful - Katie Williams and Judi Anderson - Room 703 - All Day

In the age of social media, society is very focused on everyone’s outward appearances. However, that’s not what God looks at. This breakout focuses on deepening your inner relationship with God and realizing his desire to have a deep relationship with us. He sees everything we are with eyes of perfect, unconditional love.

The “ABCs” of Depression - Natalie Groff - Room 301 - All Day

Depression is a we hear frequently in today’s culture and it can be confusing to know exactly what depression is and when we need to seek help. This interactive session will cover:
-About Depression: What exactly is it?
-Beat the Symptoms: How do I fight depression?
-Calling for Help: How do I get help?
-Supporting Those with Depression: How can I help?

Spa Time With Our Savior - Jen Keifer - Room 701/702 - All Day - Fun Breakout

Enjoy some pampering while you gain tools to pamper yourself after the conference is over. Have fun getting your nails painted and pampering your hands then learn how spending time with our Savior is the greatest way you can pamper yourself. Come with hearts open and leave with some gifts to pamper yourself both physically and spiritually.

Gaga Ball - Room 501- All Day - Fun Breakout

Come and play gaga ball!

Under the Cloud: Worship in the Wilderness - Christine Eifert - Room 302 - Morning

Today’s culture is very different from the time of the Bible in Ancient Israel. This breakout will connect modern day life with concepts from back then. The ten major concepts were gleaned from Numbers, chapter 9. They are to celebrate God’s work in your life, seek spiritual advice, eagerly participate in spiritual community, be clean, embrace diversity, value God’s character, emulate God’s character, stop complaining, let God lead you, and be thankful. We will also discuss the value in books that seem only like history and can be, at times, boring to read.

Simplifying the Bible - Elizabeth Woods - Room 705 - Morning

In Bible class, the Bible often comes across as incredibly long and intimidating. It seems impossible to get through, and sometimes even boring. This breakout will paint the Bible in a whole new light for many girls. We will learn how to feel comfortable with our Bibles and the best ways to break them down and get the most out of God’s teachings.

The Power of Our Thoughts -Carla Formanek - Room 108 - Morning

Emotions are powerful, and while we all enjoy the good feelings, it’s so easy to go through our lives feeling constantly overwhelmed by negative thoughts, fear, doubt, discouragement, frustration, anxiety, and anger. These feelings and thoughts can limit us, impact our decisions and even hinder our relationships. But we don’t have to live at the mercy of these feelings. God has actually designed our brains in such way that we can take control of our minds, our thoughts and ultimately our emotions – We have the ability to build mental health and emotional wellbeing! Recent discoveries in neuroscience show this to be true as well. So how do we claim the spirit of power, love, and self control that is ours in Christ? (2 Tim 1:7)

Answering the Hard Questions - John Wilkinson - Room 401 - Morning

Do you have a question about religion you’ve always wanted the answer to? Or are you not a Christian and just want to see what it’s all about? Then this breakout is for you! Any questions you ask can be brought up as anonymously as you feel comfortable with.

Get Ready To Swing Dance! - Peter & LeighAnn Ogilvie - Room 504/505 - Morning - Fun Breakout

Have you ever wanted to learn how to swing dance? In this breakout, we’ll teach you! We will be having a fun, relaxing time trying to learn the art of swing dancing. This breakout is going to be a no pressure environment to loosen up and learn a cool new skill!

Candy Kitchen - Audrey Winters - Room 602/603 - Morning - Fun Breakout

Do you enjoy pizza? What about candy pizza? Learn the basics of melting, molding, and creating a candy pizza using chocolate and candy wafers. Then the best part, eating them with your friends! Caution: ingredients may contain peanuts. Please be careful if you have any food allergies!

Call to Missions - Hank Dahl - Room 601 - Morning

Have you ever been interested in doing mission full or part time in the future? Here, you will hear from a full time missionary about what he does and get more of an idea of what it’s like. You will also hear about some upcoming opportunities to get involved in missions.

Dealing with Conflict - Kara Werner - Room 107 - Morning

The teenage years are rough for many reasons, but a main one is developing friendships. Something that comes with new friendships or decade long ones is conflict. In this breakout, we’ll discuss causes of conflict, the differences between healthy and unhealthy conflict, and how to solve these problems. Finally, we will talk about ways in which we can avoid conflict for the future and foster healthier relationships.

Warrior - Christi Freimark - Room 303 - Morning

Have you ever felt like you’re in tug of war with fear /anxiety? Do you long for peace, confidence, and courage in the midst of this battle?  Christi Freimark will share from the heart how God is teaching her to rely on Him alone for strength in the face of fear, and the unlikely thing she’s discovered is NECESSARY for building faith.  

She hopes you will laugh and have fun as you hear wild experiences that God usesd to grow her faith (Costa Rican waterfalls? Wolf spiders?!?), but most importantly, that you will leave with renewed hope and a practical, biblical battle plan to become  a brave, godly warrior in your everyday battles with fear

Effects Of Sexual Assult: What Is My Identity When I Don’t Have My Innocence? (recommended for high school girls) -Sarah Kumher - Room 705 - Afternoon

With sexual assault being so prevalent in today’s society, I will be speaking on the possible effects of sexual assault and, more specifically, how it effected me personally. After my assault, I struggled for years with my identity and found it in boys, alcohol, and sports. As a result, I became an angry and bitter person until I found my identity in Christ once again. He transformed my heart and my life into a God-honoring woman with a story to share with others about God’s grace and never-ending unconditional love.

Be Strong and Courageous (recommended for juniors and seniors) -Melanie Hill - Room 401 - Afternoon

If you are a junior or a senior, you won’t want to miss this breakout session! We will focus on Joshua 1 as a guide for exploring life after high school. Learn practical ways for you to manage some of the upcoming changes related to college, employment, friendships, families, etc. You can be strong and courageous as you look forward to transitioning to adult life. God has a wonderful plan for your future.

No more Drama - Jim Moynihan - Room 504 - Afternoon

Conflict is inevitable. But conflict does NOT need to destroy your relationships!  How you resolve conflict is what will either heal the relationship or sadly, damage it further.  Come to this simple teaching on how to resolve conflict in a biblical way — and discover the power of “soft hearts” and “careful communication”!

Dynamics in Relationships - Alicia Austin - Room 107 - Afternoon

Relationships can always be difficult, but because many are still developing in our teen years, they can be especially hard. There are many different outward and inward influences that impact them. Here we will learn about those influences and how to create the healthiest relationships possible.

Healthy Life Habits - Sara E. Patterson - Room 603 - Afternoon

What’s important to me? We live in a crazy world! It’s easy to become obsessed with ME. Grades? Friends? Diet? Exercise? Sleeping enough? Too much screen time? Too little family time? Choices? We’ll discuss 1 Corinthians 10:23-33 “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” The question becomes, WHY do I do what I do? What’s important to me?

Redefining Leadership - Jeff Keifer - Room 602 - Afternoon

Loneliness can easily come as an unwated attachment when in leadership. As leaders care for their team members, often no one is left to care for the leader. Unfortunately we tend to make matters worse by trying to do everything ourselves. We may be surprised to learn that even Jesus felt lonely. He ignored the pride many of us can’t get past and asked for support from his friends and his Father in his greatest time of need. Let’s discover some of the people you can turn to when leadership becomes difficult, because some things just can’t be done alone.  

Being an Influencer - Rachel Kristiansen - Room 302 - Afternoon

One of the biggest developments of this time is social media, and something that comes with social media is influencers. Many young girls look to these influencers for the latest trends and how to behave. It is the responsibility of Christian teens to be able to recognize when bad influences are being spread and how to combat that. We will discuss how to be a good example for others on social media and how to recognize subtle peer pressure on these apps from others.

Impacting Our World - Delivering Hope - Marilyn Missler & Cheryl Zimmerman - Room 505 - Afternoon

3rd Breakout Session: Threads of Hope: Sex trafficking is a terrifying reality that too many girls are subjected to. This breakout will touch on trafficking around the world and how so many young girls get roped into it so easily. The organization Threads of Hope works to give women good jobs instead of being forced to make money other ways. You will also have the opportunity to talk about how we can make a difference not only for these women, but for others suffering people in the world.

4th Breakout Session: Arm of Hope: This world can be a challenging place, and our lives are often filled with difficulties, but sometimes perspective is a good thing.  Girls in other parts of the world are also facing challenges in their lives – challenges we can barely comprehend. Arm of Hope is a ministry in Ghana, West Africa that enables the children of a slum community to receive education while being discipled to put their faith and trust in Jesus.  Come learn how you, as a young girl, can impact girls in Ghana by reaching out and offering the hope of Jesus.

WHO AM I? - Sherrie Ainsley - Room 601 - Afternoon

Every day, in many ways, we are being fed messages about our identity and self worth through social media, peers, family, and self-condemning thoughts. Often times we feel that we are those “labels” that others put on us and have trouble remembering who we truly are in Christ. In this breakout, we will engage in a hands-on activity to help identify the lies we are believing, discover what the Scriptures say about us, and leave equipped with practical ideas for putting these truths into practice in our daily lives.

Prayer - Margie Morgan - Room 108 - Afternoon

Do you struggle to find the right words? Do you struggle to make the time? Sometimes it’s easier to cry out to God when we are hurting or life is filled with challenges, but we forget again when things start going our way. Learn how to develop a strong and intimate prayer life with your Creator. You’ll discover when you fall in love with the person you’re spending time with, it’s easy to lose track of time.